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state of the project last year

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Site meeting in Tubatse

The meeting started of with a long discussion of the envisaged structural alterations, explaining what will happen where.

Even though a series of informations are still needed from our engineer Flemming, the exact positioning and the measurement that will help Flemming to conclude his elaborations have been taken.  

and the 'new' reinforced columns have been signed on the floor slabs.

Philip Magane is the 'boss' of the contractor doing the work on site. And thanks to his engagement we have been able to meet a series of other professionals and suppliers in and around Tubatse.

Then we verified all our considerations and measurements taken so far, and here it becomes evident how complex the extra reinforcement will actually be.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big strategic 'off-site' meeting in Johannesburg

Flemming Gustafsson - engineer sorting out the foundation and the sand-bag buildings,
Niels Matthiessen - head of Humana/South Africa,
Webster Magunje - job captain on site in Tubatse,
Dustin Tusnovics - architect, host of the meeting and the man behind the camera and
Sarah Calburn - my partner in crime!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Work has resumed on the building site

Today, Thursday the 10th of February 2011 marked the start of our
Construction work with the new contractor (Magane Enterprises).  As we
all know that we met with them last Thursday to agree on the work and
to be done and all the terms of reference, they have now started the
work after receiving the Contract of work with the Job Description,
Specifications and the expectations.

Today (Thursday 10 February 2011) in the morning they started by
digging the foundation in the Main Hall so as to add the third line of
bricks on the Foundation.  That was successfully done and finished.

After digging the foundation we the moved to preparing and pouring 
concrete on the foundation for the Library. We managed to reach halfway 
and are going to finish tomorrow before lunch. The new team together with 
the Volunteers were all in high spirits and that made it all possible to achieve 
what we achieved today.

The plan for Friday the 11th of February is to finish pouring the
concrete for the library and possibly start brick-laying on the
foundation for the main Community Hall.

by Webster Magunje (Humana)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011 - after a long summer break, we are all back to the building site - and this is the situation.

. . . most floor slabs are done, and the sandbags are ready to be set used in the walls . . .

. . . due to the heavy rain, many areas are overgrown with grass, which is been eliminated now . . .

. . . as soon as the weather stabilises, and all the contractors are back on site, work will resume . . .

. . . the foundations for the roof are at present being calculated and will be the next excavations to happen . . .

. . . Nondumiso is busily studying the latest news for the building site . . .

. . . in the meantime a container has been rented to relocate the office for the period of construction . . .

. . . and this is Webster, who is currently supervising the building process and liaison person between all partners involved, not always an easy task . . .

. . . South Africa is a political nation . . .

. . . with the most beautiful landscape, especially at the moment, thanks to the incredible amount of rain that has fallen in Limpopo. Let us get ready for the next steps.