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state of the project last year

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

. . . and also this week, busy, working on site . . .

Limpopo from its coldest side, with heavy clouds and the next rain to be coming soon, the site is using this moment to move on with the works, and the last floor slabs are being finished, so by the end of this week all floor slabs are done, and Vinn has no excuses not to start the sandbagging.
Trusses ready to be used, and by then the entire building site (after Easter) will be all cleaned and ready to start the next phase.
Nondumiso and Webster are looking very enthusiastic about the next steps.

Monday, April 18, 2011

. . . besides building and finishing foundations we are still detailing . . .

 . . . the kitchen is one of the elements that is getting special attention at the moment. But also Nondumiso's idea of the Lapa, the outside-kitchen is an option . . .

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Progress report for Week 15, day 3 & 4

Today Thursday the 14 April we could not realise some of our intended tasks and plans since it is raining heavily as I am writing this e-mail.  We managed to work until around 12pm and it started raining until now so we could not continue with our work. We have realised the intermediate support wall of the toilette foundations.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another week has passed and work is moving on

The bases of the columns are cemented in, . . .

. . . the hall is ready to get the floor slab . . .

. . . on the realised floor slabs the holes are again closed.

Webster, Philipp and myself are checking on the overlap for the uprights of the column . . .

. . . a minimum needs to be achieved, so in some places we will need to adapt . . .

. . . Philip was to quick in some points.

This is Bekias Molobela, the plumber who is working with us now.

And here besides Philip and Webster you see Lucky Riba, who will be working on the electrical issues of the project.

Cedric's workshop is getting fuller, the DOKA elements are coming . . .

. . . and even all the off-cuts are treated well . . .

. . . not a question of size . . .

. . . Cedric really likes his work, and you can feel his positivity, and let me say, with some pride, that my plans are helping a lot!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

. . . as it proceeds, we keep an eye on the developments!

The column's reinforcement is now in place.
The DOKA-frames are getting their brise soleil and are now ready for being inserted into the sandbag walls.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

. . . and work still continues . . .

BRS, with Fani, our supplier of  the reinforcement for the columns . . .

. . . the suppliers site, BRS!

Fani's guys finishing the structures.

Fani and Webster discussing some details about our engineer, who has been a great font of inspiration.

. . . last wiring . . .

Fani's Veld office . . .

. . . from the inside . . .

. . . the holes are ready to take the columns . . .

. . . more 'excavations' . . .

Dexter, alias Cedrik, in his workshop studying the architectural plans . . .

. . . with the prototype at the back of his workshop . . . 

Dexter's pink workshop from the outside . . 

Dexter rapping the sliding door frames to the bucky for transport to his workshop space!!

The building site in a rainy Limpopo, with the column bases in front of the bucky and more Doka panels ready to go to Dexter's workshop to continue the carpentry work!!

. . . and we do feel very safe since we have 'cool' security on the site!